#1 Brother Malkin's Application by Brother Malkin 26.05.2013 11:34

Name of Character's First name: Herals
Name of Character's Dynasty (Surname): Grimdar
Gender of Character: Male
Name of Player: Brother Malkin
Experience in roleplaying: Not that much, played a few minecraft RP servers.
Experience in trading: na
Experience in fighting: I've played several fighting games.
Experience in gaming: I often game.
What life Skill you have (I.E Trade): Sneakiness
Age:I'd prefer not to say.
Knowledge of the targeted culture?:Well, I'm English
What role are you looking for?: Spymaster
What can I contribute to the community and People: if your things get stolen, I will reclaim them. If your needs include to see what other families are doing then i will find out.I stand by you and know my place. I can scout areas if that be your wish, to find the lie of the land.

#2 RE: Brother Malkin's Application by King Zultra I 26.05.2013 11:36


Granted, We need a few labourers, you can change it later in-game but we need people who'll be digging ditches, moats, erecting palisades etc...

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