#1 Army drill and commands. by King Zultra I 17.05.2013 21:51


I propose a system of verbal commands for Army drill on the field, here is the system I've come up with.

It's the 3 point method here's how it works;

Example 1 :

"Form up, 3 ranks, *insert user here*"*

*If you are the Bannerman you do;

"Form up, 3 ranks, On me"

Example 2 :

"xxx Warband, Charge, "Insert target here"

When you form up Ranks you say "Form up" at the beginning of the order, followed by how many ranks it'll be, then the Bannerman they are forming up on.

How forming up works is as follows;

The Bannerman acts as the point on which you form your band, you form to the right of him, say you've been ordered to form 3 ranks, there's 30 of you (including the Bannerman), you form the first rank with 9 additional men, then the second rank forms behind the Bannerman, then the next one so it'll look like;

B - Bannerman
L - soldier


Everything else you say the warband you want then the action, then the target.

So "Hakan Archer Warband, Move, Left of Hakan Cavalry Warband"

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