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Name of Character's First name:

Name of Character's Dynasty (Surname):

Gender of Character:

Name of Player:

Experience in roleplaying:
I have played some roleplay games such as Skyrim, LoL, WoW, and others. Roleplay is my favorite gametype so that's why The Universe Project caught my eye.

Experience in trading:
I think I would know more about trading in The Universe project once it is up, because at the moment I don't know all of the items and definately not what their worth. But I have traded in many other online games that you can trade in such as Minecraft.

Experience in fighting:
I have a very good experience with fighting in regular games and RP games such as The Universe Project. I have my tactics of how to flank and execute the enemy in the most efficient way possible.

Experience in gaming:
I have an iPhone, very good gaming computer, and XBOX360. I have at least 20 games on each and for the iPhone 50. I have gamed since I was 9 and loved it ever since, the first gaming console I had was a PS2(Playstation 2) which I had many games that I thought were fun at the time, I still have my PS2 but I also have 2 XBOX360's and a PS3 which I have RP games and FPS games on all of. I also have 2 PC's one of which is very much better than the other when I'm gaming because the "bad" one I have had longer and have downloaded MUCH more things to.

What life Skill you have (I.E Trade):
Other than good with maths and reading, I am a good trader and I have programmed a Minecraft plugin. I love football and baseball, my favorite teams are the Patriots(Football) and Texas Rangers(Baseball). I am also very tactical and strategic and like to win, but do not rage when I lose.

Age: (There's a minimum age):

Knowledge of the targeted culture?:
I know little about Old English from my dad, T.V., and books. But that will not affect my loyalness to Zygethia.

What role are you looking for?:
I think I could do well in any role because I have many skills that I could prove being in Zygethia.

What can I contribute to the community and People (At least 150 words): I am very good at building and architecture, I have fully read and understood the Universe Project main website and know all that I can about it. I will help gather supplies for the poor in our kingdom and defend when we get attacked. I will try my best to remember all of the rules and regulations of Zygethia and will serve my King as I should, with respect, loyalty, and protection, when he or I am online. I can bring peace to Zygethia if their is chaos and protect our kingdom from damage, fraud, stealing, and kidnapping. When their is a war I will fight as best I can and follow my general's command. When we are not attacking/getting attack(hopefully that will be most of the time) I will be gathering resources to contribute to the kingdom. If I learn a new skill I will teach it to everyone in the kingdom and I will try to learn skills that no one else has. If I am ever to trade with someone I will not bring them into or close to our kingdom, so their will be no chance of harm to anything or anyone. I also have many skills in gaming and life that I will use in Zygethia if needed.

- Agnarr from Truman, AKA Zarkon

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P.S. the Name of Character's Dynasty (Surname):, part is unfinished just take out the () part that is supposed to be their. Also in the What role are you looking for?:, section I would rather be medium to high ranked militia soldier.

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We need a Lumberjack, will sort your title out when I get home.

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Don't forget to follow signature regulations.

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