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In this research I will tell something about kind of spears existing and what they are made of.

Spears were one of the most common personal weapons used in the Stone Age, and they remained in use as important military and hunting implements until the advent of firearms. We will use spears a lot too.
In-real life we used spears in different ways, these are them:

Short, one-handed spears featuring socketed metal heads were used in conjunction with a shield by the earliest Bronze Age cultures. They were wielded in either single combat or in large troop formations.

There are also spears we use on a horseback. Spears used on horsebacks are often longer than infantry spears. This is necessary to have a good range from your horseback.

Throwing spears
Throwing spears are very useful in fights, you can use them to attack your enemy without being in his/her range.

Both throwing and melee spear
You also have spears used for melee and throwing. These are the al-round spears of the battle. They look the same as a normal spear, but are mostly a bit shorter. The type "Longsax" is an example of a spear used for melee and ranged. When you google longsax you can see some examples of a combined spear.

Almost all spears are made of a wooden stick with a sharp point at the end. This sharp point is most of the time made off iron, flint, obsidian, steel or bronze. In the beginning we won´t be able to craft those materials, so we will probably use stone.
I think we need a sharp material, stone for example, and a long wooden stick. Maybe it is necessary that we first fought with an enemy before being able to make a spear.

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Reserved for how we invented spears.

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