#1 FIRST NEWSLETTER by King Zultra I 26.04.2013 16:59


First newsletter has been sent to Emails.

Thanks to all of you who donated, ever since March 11th, the Universe Project has officially been in full time development. As it has been a month and a half since we began, we have been following the original timeline that was laid out in the article in the main site and so far we have managed to meet our milestone goals.

In fact, the next major goal is a private test that will involve everyone who has access to the pre-alpha reward levels (this means anyone who has donated at least $20 or has gotten at least 6 legitimate referrals). For those of you who have access to the pre-alpha, you should expect to see an invitation in the coming weeks to test out the current tech demo in your browsers and even on your mobile phones.

In the meantime, you can check out these two screenshots:

You can also find some videos made by a few members of the community on the reddit page here: http://reddit.com/r/UniverseProject

Please keep in mind that development is still very early and progress will appear to move somewhat slowly while we work out the fundamental frameworks required to support and create the game.

Thanks for your patience and support!


Your King.

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