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Zygethian Society

Table of contents

1a) overview
2a) Structure
3a) Religion
4a) Chain of command

Zygethian society

(Plural is Zygethian) is dynastically tribal based, family clans rule lands in a feudal fashion, this is in line with the Norse influence in our society.

All Tribes with Land are led by the highest ranking official, so the Gwyrsson’s for example would be led by the Count of Varlgarda even though he could be one of the youngest with many others being older then he is, he is legally in charge of the tribal affairs.

The Zygethians are natural warriors, it’s in our Ethos and way of life, however we aren’t Bandits, so we’ll raid but we won’t act like rabid looters.
Social Structure

Leietakere – ‘Tenants’ they don’t own property, they rent, in Zygethian society they are the poorest and form the bulk of the Fyrdmen militias, tend to be Sellswords, labourers etc..

grunneiere – ‘Land owners’ They own property, they rent out homes to the Leietakere, they also form the bulk of the population, they are tradesmen mostly.

Adelfolk – ‘Nobility’ they are title holders, heads of tribes etc...

Social mobility in Zygethia is based off merit and worthiness, you a Leietakere can buy your own property if you work hard and show to be skilled, the laws apply to both the poorest people to the most richest and most powerful.


== Soon to be added ==

Chain of Command

The Power structure in Zygethia is Feudal, with direct CoC's, this means you as a vassal of Jarl Hurikson don't have to follow orders from Jarl Jefferson without permission, there are exceptions of course, but it is seen as a Insult if a King routinely disrupts a Vassals affairs by dragging most of it's population away.

The Landed Titular system is as follows, the higher the number, the more important the title is.

(1) Chief/Baron - the ruler of a village or a small fort (the description of both will be decided closer to game launch).

(1) Landed Huscarl (Exceptional Warrior most likely) - The ruler of a Castle/Fort the description of it will be decided nearer game launch, he will be a Direct vassal of the King.

(1) Mayor - Ruler of a Large Town or City (the description of both will come clear later), normally a vassal of a Karl.

(2) Karl/Count - The ruler/liege of a collection of villages (within a defined Geographical area most likely).

(3) Jarl/Duke - the Liege of a number of Karl's.

(4) King - the Liege of all Jarls.

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