#1 Application Time by montazug 18.04.2013 00:34

Name of Character: Rugnar
Name of Player: Montazug
Experience in gaming: I play a combination of FPS games and Strategy games, right now my favorites are TF2 and Empire: Total War
What life Skill you have (I.E Trade): Strategy
Age: 17
Knowledge of the targeted culture?: Do you mean knowledge of English and Old Norse? I'll admit I don't know too much about them
What can I contribute to the community and People (At least 150 words): I've always been into video games, maybe a bit too much. This might not be to my benefit but to the country it is because that means I can be online for ludicrous amount of time per day. When I first start a good game (Assuming this game will be good) I obsess over it even more. This means that I can be on for about 8-10 hours per day developing the civilization wherever I can help. This time would not be wasted either, when I played RPGs (I know this isn't quite what you'd call an RPG) I was always working to improve my character when I was online, why would it not be the same for a country? I also love to organize things, just about anything really. I like to have everything in a working and efficient order and can't stand it if it's not. This means that I might be able to help with the planning and development of something.

#2 RE: Application Time by King Zultra I 18.04.2013 08:14


Granted, I think a farmer will suite you.

I'll change your profile to suite.

Regards your King.

#3 RE: Application Time by montazug 18.04.2013 17:44

Thanks, where do I go from here?

#4 RE: Application Time by King Zultra I 18.04.2013 17:51


Firstly create your signature following the legal template.

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