#1 Decree 006 - Judicial Decree by King Zultra I 17.04.2013 16:17


Decree 006 - Judicial Decree

From now on the King is the Supreme Judge of the land, he is the Judge of the most severe crimes (Treason, mass theft, banditry and subversion).

The Kings Marshal can appoint Judges to keep order in the land through giving trial verdicts in criminal cases, titleholders Count Higher can also act as Judges.

The Law system in Zygethia and all Zygethian controlled zones, dependents and protectorates and other assorted lands is split into Two tiers, Realm Laws and Vassal laws (Dependent on game features).

Realm Laws - These effect everything owned by the Realm these laws are non-changable.

Murder - A Executable offense
Treason - A Executable offense
Theft - Dependent on the stolen goods
Banditry - a Executable offense (On the spot)

Vassal Laws - These are laws which a vassal can alter (Mainly the punishment)

Tax Evasion

#2 RE: Decree 006 - Judicial Decree by Trewier Coshall 23.06.2013 13:07


Will vassal be able to make their own rules, in a way of like letting people pay 10 coins to cross their bridge or making thievery punishable by death?

#3 RE: Decree 006 - Judicial Decree by King Zultra I 23.06.2013 14:49


Yes, Vassals can enact toll roads, but it'll be your responsibility to enforce the tolls and official Realm Roads (The ones the Army uses mainly) are toll-free by law.

#4 RE: Decree 006 - Judicial Decree by William Coshall 23.06.2013 21:18


would the vassel if they had a toll road have to use the money for the upkeep of the roads which is what they did in the transport revolution.

#5 RE: Decree 006 - Judicial Decree by King Zultra I 23.06.2013 21:20



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