#1 Decree 003 - Activity is Fundamental by King Zultra I 15.04.2013 21:23


It is mandatory to post in this forum at least once a week, activity is the first stepping stone to success.

Unless you have a good reason not to show you'll be classed AWOL.


Your King.

#2 RE: Activity is fundamental by DemonRider 15.04.2013 21:36


Those who have not shown themself on the forum at the end of the week will get a message asking your reason why your activity has been so low.

I will keep a record from all our members who have not sayd something for a week.

When you have not shown yourself for 3 weeks in a row you will come before the King's Justice.
And when there are 4 weeks where you have not shown yourself (Might be that there are weeks in between that you are active ) The Kings Justice will look into the matter of your inactivity. This could possibly end with you not being a part of the Zygethian society.

Hope to see you all become a bit more active and we will see eachother again by the next announcement from the council or our king

Your Book-Keeper

#3 RE: Activity is fundamental by King Zultra I 15.04.2013 21:39


Yes, to assist you in your duties when we as a Nation grow bigger, you'll be given a keep, with some scribes to help you keep track of all the paperwork.

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