#1 Application: Yuri by Yuri Eriksonn 03.11.2013 19:43

Name of Character's First name: Yuri
Name of Character's Dynasty (Surname): Eriksonn
Gender of Character: Male
Name of Player: w0pw0pw0p
Experience in roleplaying: I have played skyrim but not much else aside from playing cowboy when I was little
Experience in trading: - But I'm not stupid
Experience in fighting: - In-Game I almost always try to avoid combat
Experience in gaming: Rome TW, Rome II, Skyrim, Minecraft, Dishonored
What life Skill you have (I.E Trade): my school sort: 'gymnasium' (in the Netherlands the most difficult option to take when leaving primary school, it involves English, French, Dutch, German, Latin, and ancient Greek.
Age: (There's a minimum age): 14
Knowledge of the targeted culture?: ...for example that Henry VIII started the English church... more than an average 14 year old but I love to learn history so I can learn that straight away
What role are you looking for?: Doing paperwork, or advise the King and councillours
What can I contribute to the community and People (At least 150 words): I will try to improve Zygethia with my own ideas aswell as ideas from great people from the past.

#2 RE: Application: Yuri by Harold Coshall 03.11.2013 19:59



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