#1 Application - Svald Rickon by Svald Rickon 28.10.2013 22:53

Name of Character's First name: Svald
Name of Character's Dynasty (Surname): Rickon
Gender of Character: Male
Name of Player: Svald Rickon
Experience in roleplaying: I have roleplayed on multiple mmorpgs such as WoW, Guild Wars 2, and Rift. Overall, I have been roleplaying for about 3 years now.
Experience in trading: I honestly do not have a lot of experience in trading, in most games I did not really work a lot with the in game auction house or other trading system.
Experience in fighting: In PvE I am fairly good, and in PvP I am average.
Experience in gaming: I have been gaming for a few years now, and my experience ranges from FPS games like Battlefield 3 to League.
What life Skill you have (I.E Trade): Agriculture/Gathering (Economy Branch)
Age: (There's a minimum age) 16 (in real life)
Knowledge of the targeted culture?: I have a basic understanding of Nordic and English history, though I could definetly research and learn more.
What role are you looking for?: In the game, I hope to be in the agricultural industry, but in the early game I plan to be a gatherer (harvesting berries, nuts, etc.)
What can I contribute to the community and People (At least 150 words): In-game, I hope to be a knowledgeable player that can help out newer players to learn the ropes of the game. In addition, I want to contribute my time to help build our society/city up and make it powerful in the game. I am also willing to do more laborious jobs such as delivering things, since farming will not take up all of my in-game time (I hope). Out of game, I hope to be an active member of the community and contribute my ideas and thoughts to the forums and IRC meetings. Just as I would do in-game, I could still help show newcomers their way around the forums and also give them tips for in-game. I could also help advertise our group to others (not in an obnoxious way of course). Overall, I want to be another productive, civil, friendly member of this group both in-game and out of game.

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Approved - 28/10/2013

Post a Application to a Branch, from your info you'll suite Economy.

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