#1 cemetery by DemonRider 15.04.2013 12:39


All cultures in our history had some kind of cemetery. And this game will not be without people who die and don't come back or people who have to stop because of real life. Will we remember them on a sacred ground or will we leave the dead to be death?

#2 RE: cemetery by King Zultra I 15.04.2013 12:55


We could bury them, since bodies won't go, just decompose..

#3 RE: cemetery by King Zultra I 15.04.2013 15:21


We could make tombs, or caverns underground..

#4 RE: cemetery by DemonRider 15.04.2013 15:35


Well that would be my choice too. I think it will be best if we can find a small hillside were we can lay down the dead. At the higher places we can rest the highlords and those who were a great asset to the society.

And maybey a special place for al the warheroes.

#5 RE: cemetery by King Zultra I 15.04.2013 16:59


Nice thinking.

#6 RE: cemetery by Trewier Coshall 30.05.2013 18:58


Maybe, when we get mines we can bury the dead in the empty, mined out parts of the mineshafts. This will result in less work because we don't have to dig out a special hillside for the dead.

Edit: The High-class people and the War heroes will ofcourse not be buried here, this is only for the lower class people to be buried in.

#7 RE: cemetery by King Zultra I 30.05.2013 19:00

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