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“Nightmare of the Condemned” by George Coshall

I was sitting in the black cells for various crimes, most of which were petty these were the ones I was caught for, but I don’t remember what happened just after I got caught it’s just….blank, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time I suppose, my luck aye’? The most obvious thing I can remember and recall was the smell; it was like a mixture of dried blood, sweat and most ominously was the smell of suffering.

The smell alone drove fear deep into my heart, but that wasn’t the worst by a long shot, as my eyes got accustomed to the darkness I could see other prisoners or the outlines of them, the smell of suffering was coming from them, they were the source I thought, as my eyes further got accustomed I could see that they were emancipated, you could hear from there waspy groans that they have been here for a very long time, a unnaturally long time perhaps?

I tried to move but realised very quickly that my arms and ankles were shackled to the wall, they felt as heavy as lead and very rusty, I presumed that these were not unlockable since I could not feel any sort of lock on them; it was like they make the shackles around your arms.

My attention was almost instantly drawn away from these petty souls to a shuffling noise outside what I presumed to be the cell door, it sounded like a body being dragged to be more precise, suddenly the doors lock unlocked and the door swung open and a silhouette of a man, this silhouette was unnaturally big at around 9ft was this a man or a thing?


A small, tortured half-starved man with his ribs clearly showing as well as his cheekbones -obvious signs of starvation- fell on my lap, presumably the same man dragged in here by this...this thing, his hair was long, greasy and knotted in clumps by what I presumed to be his blood, he had the same smell as the others, the smell of pain and suffering.

I could see that he was barely conscious, the monster came by me and dragged him next to me and a bright light sprung up around his feet and arms, it literally spawned the irons out of thin air, the other prisoners panicked and started to scream, they tried desperately to get out the irons, I swear I could hear bones break.

The creature turned towards me, this is when I saw it’s eyes, it’s left eye was red, it’s right was yellow, it made a grunt then noisily walked to me as if each foot weighed a ton, it just stood there for what seemed like hours just looking at me so deeply it was like he was looking into my soul, it suddenly shouted “You maggot!” in a deep yet calm voice and grabbed hold of my arms, the chains emitted the same glow that the other prisoners chains glowed like, the irons felt as if they were molten, the pain was searing and deep, I let out a loud, painful scream of pain, it then vanished from my wrists as fast as it appeared, the shackles were gone.

It then dragged me for what seemed like miles, I could hear the sounds of screaming, utterly horrible screaming emanating from all directions around me, it was still pitch black, this monster can clearly see in the dark it appeared.

It then stopped and at the click of the creatures fingers the sound of a door opening appeared, it then threw me with great force into the room, the lights suddenly switched on, bringing pain to my eyes due to the sudden light, I was thrown onto a chair and felt straps appearing on my wrists, furthermore I saw a table with various nefarious looking tools appear just next to me, the monster appeared in front of me, it wore apparel of that similar to a typical prison officer but with the exception of various horrid looking weapons on its belt, its face was covered with what appeared to be a balaclava with just its eyes showing.

It then picked up a tool, it appeared to be a single spike on a handle, “This is gunna hurt!” it calmly said; it then jabbed it through my skull.

I woke up, soaking wet with sweat “Thank god it was just a nightmare” I thought while sweating profusely, but it felt so real like I was actually there?

I then stumbled off into my bathroom, fumbled around the light switch till I found the button; I switched on the light and saw a message carved deeply into the mirror.

“You saw Hell; you’ll go there if you don’t repent for your sins!”

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