#1 Lord Merdieth's app by Herid Eriksonn 15.09.2013 11:37

Name of Character's First name:Herid
Name of Character's Dynasty (Surname):Eriksonn
Gender of Character:Male
Name of Player:Lord Merdieth
Experience in roleplaying: Drama student
Experience in trading: I used to be a huge fan of trading cards (if that means anything to you guys)
Experience in fighting:I'm a beast at halo and I have never been in a fight IRL since i'm six foot 3 and people at my school would need a step ladder to punch me in the face
Experience in gaming: I love MMOs sandbox and strategy games
What life Skill you have (I.E Trade): programming and acting
Age: (There's a minimum age): 15
Knowledge of the targeted culture?: I'm English and have knowlegde of the empire and ancient britons but not much of knowledge on the saxon era
What role are you looking for?: Military roles
What can I contribute to the community and People (At least 150 words): I am a trustworthy loyal person who is fair but would be ruthless to those who approach zygethia with a means of bloodshed. I am willing to sacrifice my time for the greatness of zygethia if needed. I have a creative mind and could help in constructions or even strategies i'm dyslexic though so I will be no use in anything involving a lot of maths or writing. I am really excited for the UP so i'll be very active on it once it's released. I will be fair to any and all the populations except when ordered not to. to be honest that's all i can think of (i'm not very good at writing)

#2 RE: Lord Merdieth's app by King Zultra I 15.09.2013 11:41


You're Dyslexic? I'm Dyspraxic so you'll get support if you write anything (You'll need to do weekly reports, don't worry we have templates).

Ok Herid Eriksonn, go-to the IRC and register your Character name, stops others from stealing it, and fill out your signature.

We'll assign roles later.

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