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Name of Character: Sven Eriksonn
Name of Player: billybilly567
Experience in gaming: I have played Minecraft, Guild Wars 2, WoW, SimCity 5 and a bit of Skyrim but I can't remember it.
What life Skill you have (I.E Trade): Commanding armies
Age: I don't want to put it.
Knowledge of the targeted culture?: There is Thor and Loki and their dad who is King of Asgard, and Thor protects Midgard, or earth. Loki is evil and wants to kill his dad. Also Thor is part of the Avengers :D.
What can I contribute to the community and People (At least 150 words): The way I can contribute and make our community not only survive, but thrive is by gathering together a group of average players, and commanding them to become the greatest army to ever walk in the whole of the Universe Project. I have got vast knowledge of the area of commanding huge armies because for weeks the only books I have read are about war strategies to prepare for the Universe project. I also know a lot about war strategies because I play a lot of Rome Total War. On one campaign, I am playing in hard mode for both campaign and battle and I am making money each turn and have not lost a battle on this particular campaign. I feel I could make a huge difference to our community with my vast knowledge of the battle field to command an army, supreme to any other in the area that we are in. This is why I feel I am right for this community.

#2 RE: BillyBilly567 Application form. by King Zultra I 14.04.2013 10:22


Granted, How does Watchman sound? (They are the start of our Professional army)?

They'll be 1 more out of our current playerbase.

BTW Luki represented 'Luck' in real Norse Mythology.

#3 RE: BillyBilly567 Application form. by King Zultra I 14.04.2013 15:04


Your our Marshal now.

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