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Spears have historically come in three varieties; socketed one piece, socketed two piece and tanged. The tanged spear is the easiest to make. It is essentially nothing more than a dagger who’s tang has been jammed into a stick instead of a dagger grip. The one piece spear is pretty much self explanatory, the socket and blade are made from the same material. The two piece spear, is a short tanged spear and socket that have been forge welded together.
Both the one and two piece socketed spears greatly out number the tanged types.

Forging Spear: The first step to forge the spear is to taperan end to a point with the profile you want the spear to have. Once that is done measure from the point back to where you want the socket to start.

Now you need to isolate the are for example by fullering or by placing the stock at a circa 45 degree angle to the edge of an anvil and then hammering it down then flip and repeat.

After the are is isolated, you need to taper the socket from the end to the area that was fullered. The width of the fuller should be nearly the size as the desiered transition from blade to socket.

After that use the pein on your hammer to hammer in parallel with the length of the socket in order to widden the material. As soon as the socket flares you need to hammer parallel to the edges once they start to angle.

If the ridges and valleys get to high/uneven flatten them with the hammer face.

Now start the socket curling by hammering the flair into a swedge. This can be easily accomplished with placing the flare on a stump and using the hammer pein to repeat the blow placement which was used to flare it in the first place.

Assuming its a wooden stump the struck areas will burn out and make a depression.

Once this is done the curving can be completed by tapping down on the socket while being rolled on the anvil face. Now the spear blank can be grounded.

Finishing the spear: Once the spear blank is completed, find the center line by measuring the width at any three given points then dividend the measurement of each point in half then connect the different dots. This "centerline" is used to see if the point is symmetrical and if the socket is inline.

Also it is the grind-to line for the peak of the ridge.

After the first grinding clean up any symmetry issues along the edges and make sure is even near the tip and the transition. Now you start to grind the main bevel.

The bevel is ground edge up against the direction of the belt with the goal of grinding to the cutting edges center then to the peak. A somewhat steep angle of grind is used on the first grinding pass.

The steep angle means a manageable amount of material while quickly getting you the the centerline of the edge.This needs to be done on all four faces until the edge is approx 1/32" thick

Now another bevel cut is started but on a shallower angle. By using this method each succesive cut will only remove a reasonable amount of material,get a setp towards the peak centerline and maintaining the edge.

On all bevel cuts that still need to be made you can tell if they are complete by looking for a shadow or gape between the edge and the belt. Once there is no gap the cut is done and matches bevel. Now you can do the next bevel cut. This method of making multiple bevel cuts continues until you nearly reach the peak centerline. Once this " rough" bevel cutting is complete you can swap the belt to something finer. Simply match the bevel and work evenly on all faces till the centerlines meet themselves. Now youc an polish the spear.

Source: Various Smithing websites

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Some of these methods still work even without metallurgy.

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@Marslord you don't just have to use Metal for it, Stone, bone etc..

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