#1 app by Orca85 13.04.2013 17:16

Name of Character: Rickon
Name of Player: Orca85
Experience in gaming: i play mnecraft,guildwars2,crusaderkings2 and stuff like that
What life Skill you have (I.E Trade):Im a child in the game and stigwigs heir
Age: dont want to put for privacy resons
Knowledge of the targeted culture?: stigwig has told me all about it
What can I contribute to the community and People (At least 150 words):I will help the cumminity i am funny and nice (also very modest!) also if stig dies i will be a good baron and nice to my people. also im just awsome so i cant really put much else
ps im with the koinonians

#2 RE: app by King Zultra I 13.04.2013 17:18


Granted, we are in need of one more Hunter, you interested.

Next time though, please expand the last bit.

#3 RE: app by Orca85 14.04.2013 07:55

Yeah I will be a hunter. Thanks!

#4 RE: app by King Zultra I 14.04.2013 10:23



#5 RE: app by King Zultra I 27.04.2013 14:32


I'll take that Rickon is your Dynasty.

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