#1 1st of July tri-monthly Tactical competition by King Zultra I 01.07.2013 09:30


Just a Week after driving the Hydroban scum out of our lands a new enemy has attacked, a confederation of dozens of city-states, nations, sell-sword, companies, bandits and the like with the same goal of destroying our capital and carving out the countryside amongst themselves, we've grown to be powerful and are a threat to them.

Enemy Forces

They've managed to muster the biggest army that has ever been seen in the Universe Project, they used the Hyrdoban as cover for there movements, they've picked up every man that is able/willing to fight and given them whatever they have on hand, ranging from stones to sticks and pitchforks our intel claims.

Our intel says they are 6 hours due north (so heading south Towards the capital)

They aim to rely on sheer numbers numbers to be like a wave over a pebble.

They have 9,000 'militia' these are the people they picked up and given pitchforks to.

1500 armoured Sellswords from various companie

500 Heavy Infantry

3,000 other men from a hugely diverse pool of groups

They aren't very cohesive, many of them are sworn natural enemies and are only united in there Hatred for Zygethia, not much is known about the commander however.

Our Forces

You take the role of Jarl Ulfric Uriksonn, who has called his Bannermen of around 800 men (His Region is mostly farmland directly in the way of the Rampaging Hydroban + dozens of other groups and nations) , Karl Jo Manderley joined Ulfrics forces with his own bannermen which is around 400 men. (look on the key to find what units he has).

King Zultra I is 8 Hours away with the Combined Bannermen of 2,000 men, Karl’s Kurig Norrissonn and Ludwig Manderley combined there forces of 600 men and are 7 Hours away, westerly (9 Hours away from Zygeth)
The 200 man Garrison of Zygeth can’t join the battle

Ulfric Uriksonn’s forces comprise of 100 Huscarls, 200 Zygethian Axemen and the rest Fyrdmen

King Zultra’s Army (Including Norrissonn and Manderley’s men) consists of 300 Huscarls, 1000 Fyrdmen, 200 Archers and the Rest Axemen

You are to hold them off till the Crown army arrives, which is in 4 days with a combined force of 8,000 men.

The Crown army is under the command of General Murrik

The Army is built of;

1000 Huscarls, 3000 Fyrdmen, 400 Mounted spearmen, 600 archers, 500 axemen and the rest various Militias and bannermen.

Your men are better armed, trained, led confident and determined.

Expected Enemy Tactics, they are very confident and have a inexperienced commander leading the army, they hope to “Be a Tsunami over a rock”, due to the Diverse nature of there army it isn’t very coherent our Reports tell us.

If we win this battle, our enemies will be utterly depleted, there lands ripe for retaliatory invasion, if we lose, we lose Zygeth and most of the fertile regions of our Nation.

battlemap1.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

A Empty map Template of this battle will soon be provided, I seriously suggest you do your entry using the image + description of your plan, the entry phase lasts till the 1st Next month.

This is hard, have fun!

#2 RE: 1st of July tri-monthly Tactical competition by Harold Coshall 01.07.2013 16:48


Blank Map + Unit Symbols

#3 RE: 1st of July tri-monthly Tactical competition by King Zultra I 01.07.2013 16:50


Thanks very much.

#4 RE: 1st of July tri-monthly Tactical competition by stigwig 03.07.2013 19:44

No cavalry?
How am I meant to break them into piecemeal pieces and devour them? We really need to look over army composition if I will have no knights.

#5 RE: 1st of July tri-monthly Tactical competition by King Zultra I 03.07.2013 20:09


At this point in time, it's hard to properly domesticate horses, especially breeding them to be warhorses, we have horses but there mostly mule animals right now, not fit for battle (since specific breeds were used).

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