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The winners of the competition will be posted here along with two runners up, plus other info.

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1st June 2013 competition winners


The Winner is..........................

Sir Harold Coshall, I hereby give you your Reward.

His Entry.

Shufflex.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

I have drawn out an approximate view of how the situation will look at the start, and how it will look after four days.
Description of the plan:

The first thing to do is to send messages to the villages in the north to evacuate and messages to the soldiers in the south to take up arms and come to the capital.

From here I would stay in a defendable position until the enemy is weakened. That position would be the capital and the surrounding fortifications.

We have 7 days before the main army of the enemy arrives and four before the rest of our army arrives. It is possible that Group B and Group C will arrive at the capital before our main army arrives, depending on their location. The capital should be easily defendable from them, we would have all of the advantages.

The city would be on flat land (Which they are not used to), be fortified (I assume, it IS the capital), and we would outnumber them two to one with better trained soldiers. Because of all of this I believe that it is unlikely these two groups would attack, they would be more likely to wait for Group A and/or pillage the villages of the north before attacking. Of course I'm assuming they aren't led by idiots.

By the time the real threat (Group A) is close to the capital we would of had three days to fortify and 2000 troops total, twice the maximum number that they would have (Again, Groups B and C could join up with them). If possible I would stay in the capital and wait for them to come, but if they didn't want to come there would be no choice but to engage them before they marched passed the capital and attacked southern cities. If they did attack the capital the battle would be easily won.

In the event that they did not come to the capital I would send 500 troops to each of their flanks, and 900 straight into them. 100 would stay behind and defend the capital from scouts, mischief makers, and other threats. This would surround the enemy from all sides but the back, faced with such impossible odds they would probably take this route.

Assuming we didn't take very heavy casualties, I would send a band of 750 to hunt the main group that is now returning to the border, on completion of this mission they will hunt Groups B and C if they did not take part in the earlier fighting. After everything is taken care of a counter attack would be launched, assuming that they haven't raised any more resistance on their border.


Runners up (No Particular order)

They did great as well.

Trewier Coshall

When the war between the Hydrobans and the Zygethians has started the first thing that has to be done is evacuate all the villagers and people that are living on the country side to the Capital and let them (If possible let them take all their food with them so the Hydroban will have to make long supply chains. If taking the food with them renders impossible all the food needs to be destroyed.) IE: Burn all the crop fields.

While this evacuation is in progress you call up the remaining 1400 men and let them march to the Capitol. Whilst this is happening you let your already called up squad of 400 men track down and destroy Group B and Group C of the Hydrobans (Predicted Zygethian losses 50-100)

After those 400 men eradicated group B and C (No prisoners are taken, because of future tactics) they will hide in the forests and will primarily harras the Hydroban supply chain and if possible weaken them with hit and run strikes in the middle of the night, so they won’t get any rest and will be very exhausted. (Guerilla tactics)

When the Hydroban finally arrive at our Capitol we will have a force of 600 men
[(Of the 1400 that were called to arms in the south), from the remaining men of the South we station 400 in the Capital and another 400 laying in wait hidden somwhere east or west of the Capital.]
infront of the Capital, this is because the Hydroban will think that they outnumber us and will probably risk an attack.

When the Hydroban attack they will initially probably overwhelm the 600 men stationed outside the Capitol, however the 400 stationed inside the Capital will pour out of the gates and reinforce them.
(The Capital militia of 200 men however will stay inside of the Capital.)
In the mean time the remaining 300 men that kept harrasing the Hydrobans while they were marching to our Capital will attack them in the back and the 400 men from the South who we stationed a bit away from the Capital, 200 will additionaly attack the Hydrobans while the other 200 wait and kill or capture any Hydroban who tries to flee the battle.

Once this battle is over the men that are still quite fresh and not exhausted
(The 200 men that were waiting outside of the Capital killing and capturing fleeing Hydrobans.)
will march North and attack and completely wipe most of the now vulnerable Hydroban villages from the face of the Earth.
(While doing this we will also destroy all food crops and all fruit trees in Hydroban land, and thus leading to a gigantic famine under the Hydroban population.)

Because there is barely any food left the Hydrobans will struggle for survival and will start to attack each other for food leaving us to watch them fight among eachother.

While they are fighting among eachother we should send diplomats/spies to infiltrate them and keep spreading hate among the clans so they will keep focussing on the other Hydroban clans and not on us, this will also leave them very vulnerable to our attacks because they are all loose clans with only small army’s and not all bonded together. (Divide and Conquer tactic)

Glory to Zygethia!
Augustus Hakan

My War Plan:
The first thing I will do is call up the 1400 men to my capital; I would force them to march nights so they would be there in 2 days. Once they had arrived I would split them up into 3 groups of 800 men. I would name one of the lords ‘Warden of the Northern border’ and give him 800 men to destroy group B and C with ambushes. We know this land better than they do. I (as Hand) would lead the other 2 800 groups of men and position them right in Group A’s path. In front of Zygethia. If Group A was to force an assault they would be smashed by my forces. If they wait, once the Warden of the Northern Border had finished with the others he would swing round and smash them between the two armies.

Logistic Side:

I would assume the men would arrive in two groups with night marches, Attack Group A would be supplied by the villages on their way.
Attack Group B would easily stay resupplied since they would pitch camp outside the city walls.


Attack Group A would have 1 day to recruit in Zygethia before setting out. Any villagers they pass they will recruit in bringing their army size to roughly 1000. More than enough to beat 200.


Attack Group A – Led by ‘Warden of the Northern Border’ 800-1000 men
Attack Group B – Led by Augustus Hakan, Hand of The King, Baron Of Koinonia and the Marshal. 1600 men. Can be reinforced by city garrison in an emergency.

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