#1 Kit Layout - Medium Infantry (Huscarls) by King Zultra I 28.06.2013 20:38


Huscarls, rewarded Zygethians (they have the prefix of "Sir"), are a 'low-tier' nobility, they are also soldiers on the battlefield, some are landed some aren't, they act as Line Infantry, designed for prolonged combat.

Think of this as Gen 1 Huscarls.

Head - Winged Spangenhelm

Left/Right Shoulder - Leather Pauldrons + Chainmail

Torso - Leather Gamberson + Iron plated Chianmail covering (with Sigil)

Left/Right upper-arm - Covered with Gamberson +Chainmail
Left/Right lower-arm - Leather Vanbraces

Hands - Chainmail gloves

abdomen (groin) - Chainmail + Gambeson

Upper legs/Thighs - Cloth Trousers
knees - Cloth Trousers
lower legs - Leather Shinguards + Leather Boots

feet - Leather Boots

On-Hand - Longsword

Off-hand - Iron Shield

Secondary - Seax and Axe



#2 RE: Kit Layout - Medium Infantry (Huscarls) by King Zultra I 30.06.2013 12:19


Also note, Huscarls can get there own additional gear, but these listed will be provided.

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