#1 Krisios application by Krisio 13.04.2013 12:34

Name of Character:

Name of Player:

Experience in gaming:
Well, I think I game since my 6-7th birthday. In the beginning games like fifa, later some bigger games. I have not played games with pure roleplay, although I played on some roleplay minecraft server. Some big games I have played / still play:
- League of legends
- Minecraft
- Fifa
- Call of Duty
- Lord of the Rings

What life Skill you have (I.E Trade):
I think other people see me as very loyal and helpful, when someone asks me to help, I will always help if I have time. I am loyal to my friends, so I will be loyal to Zygethian too.
Further I am skilled in economy, trading and maths.


Knowledge of the targeted culture?:
I know a bit about the old english culture, since I had to learn it on school.

What can I contribute to the community and People (At least 150 words):
Thanks to my skills I can do a lot different things for Zygethian. Also I like to do a lot of things, so I do not have a strong preference for one job. On other games I lead a couple of projects. An example of this is I lead an adventure map build on minecraft for 20 people. This was a succes and I liked to do it, so I would like to lead a group here too. Actually I like any sector, but the most suitable sections for me are war/hunting or something in the economy. Probably some friends of mine will also platy the Universe Project, so I can ask them to fill in an application for Zygetgian. In total I think I have a lot of knowledge and I can teach this to other people. When it suits I will play a lot, so I can do and mean a lot for Zygethian.

You can ask any question you have. My story is probably not very clear, so ask me here or on the live chat.


#2 RE: Krisios application by King Zultra I 13.04.2013 12:54


Granted, you'll be a Hunter.

Your job is to hunt not just for food but for furs.

You'll automatically be in the Archer Militia.


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