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Ginkgo Biloba or ginkgo is one of the oldest medicinal herbs. Also referred to as the "Tree of Life" it has been on this earth for more than two hundred million years. The medicinal leaves are probably the most studied leaves in medical settings. Nowadays Ginkgo is mostly sold by Europe and the USA.
Several traditional medicines consist of this plant and are generally used for improving memory and also to treat circulatory problems. Scientific studies support and confirm such claims. The latest facts shows that it could quite well be effective for treating decreased blood circulation to the brain, particularly for Old People. There are two types of chemical substances in Ginkgo leaves which are flavonoids and also terpenoids. These chemical substances are thought to contain very powerful anti-oxidant properties resulting in assisting individuals who suffer with Alzheimer's disease.

Potential Uses: In addition to the uses in the article above we can also use its alert awearness increasing components to make our fighters to be more concentrated and have a general combat advantage.

Source: Wikipedia as well as different Herb websites.

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