#1 Marslord´s Application by Olaf Hakan 12.06.2013 16:59


Name of Character's First name: Olaf

Name of Character's Dynasty (Surname): Hakan

Gender of Character:Male

Name of Player:Marslord

Experience in roleplaying: I dont have that much roleplaying experience but I want to learn it and I´m a fast learner.

Experience in trading: I am good at bartering and street trading.

Experience in fighting: I belive you mean real world fighting. Well I mostly solved my problems with my inteligence and not my fists so I am fairly unexpierenced with fighting.

Experience in gaming: I have been gaming since 13 years (I am 16) and I´m very skilled in jump ´n runs and JRPG´s and I love Strategy Games like for example Empire: Total War

What life Skill you have (I.E Trade): Well I´m still at school but I want to be become a Microtechnologist.

Age: (There's a minimum age) I´m 16 and very mature.

Knowledge of the targeted culture?: I´m German so I know a bunch about Saxon culture also I am very interrested in history and thus also know about norse culture.

What role are you looking for?: I would like to become involved in the government of Zygethia or become a scientist.

What can I contribute to the community and People (At least 150 words): I have advanced knowledge of Mathematics, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economy, Politics and Modern (World war I and II) and Ancient Warfare . Thus I could help to develop technology for Zygethia and I could help in governing the kingdom because of my knowledge of Economy and Politics. I am a very friendly guy with lots of motivation. Also I like to work in teams cause you can always reach your goal if you work together. In the case of War I have strategic and tactical knowledge so I could serve as a military commander. Diplomatic interaction is an easy task for me. I would Love to serve the Zygethian community in any way possible with my best available to me. With my sincerly regards Olaf Hakan.

#2 RE: Marslord´s Application by King Zultra I 12.06.2013 17:02


Granted, follow the signature regulations, put the [ZM] badge where I've put mine.

We'll assign you (for now) as a Scavenger, you will find food resources, berries, rocky outcrops etc..

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