#1 Leather out of Small Animal Hides by King Zultra I 02.06.2013 17:13


Following on from the Skinning a small animal thread (we left it after we've scraped all the flesh off the hide_.

We'll need the Skinning knife again (made out of Stone, Metal etc..), we scrape the fur off the Hide, then wash it again.

Put it on a Tanning Rack to dry and soften,

We'll need to boil the Rabbits brain to get the brain oil for the Tanning process, Each animal has enough brain oil for there own Hides.

We now rub the Oil into the Hide, once it's been applied leave it for 24 hours.

We now have to Smoke the Hide, Stick it on a Rack above a fire to smoke it.

Leave it there for a while, now you have leather.

Sources - various.

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