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Weekly newsletter – 02/06/2013 *Due to a Bug in Xobor the formatting is broken, I apologise in advance.*

Zygethian News

Growth is Strong this week, new members are rolling in, the Site is reaching new viewing records most days, the Reddit page is growing our presence is felt far throughout the UP community.

Lots of work has been done to strengthen the Realms stability on the site, the Houses are being established.

On that note may I remind ALL heads of Houses to make a “roll-call” thread in their respective house sections, you have been given the power of a mod in that section, if you look in the user title under the avatar you’ll see if you are the head of your house.

We are looking for Zygethians to add meat to the bones of our research section, if you have the knowledge contribute.

May I ask ALL Coshall’s to wear Our Sigil with pride in your signatures, Heads of Houses please PM Shufflex if you want a Sigil made, it might take a while as he is busy doing lots of other Imagery.

Site News

May I suggest you all visit the forum at least once a day if you can to make a post, to make our site larger and better known, invite your friends over to the site to spread the knowledge.

Regards, King Zultra I – King of the Zygethians, Protector of the realm and first of his name, I sign this off with My Seal.

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