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Hello, you interested in joining a efficient, strong Kingdom that'll be a world power?

If so join here, as I King Zultra I, Protector of the Ream and King of the Zygethians aim to put Zygethia on the map, we'll focus on;

1) Protection for our members and property.

2) Development of our industry

3) Developing Commerce

4) Spreading Zygethia Culture.

Requirements for Joining;

You must name your character with a name that fits, so Sven, Jefferson, Zultra, Hakan, We are using a blend of Old Norse and Old English Names (Adelaide is a good example), some 'making up' is acceptable but only if it fits and suites the Culture.

What is 'Zygethian Culture'?

It's a blend of Old Norse and English, for now it's just a skeleton, but'll be fleshed out.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for active members, those who have experience with Logistics, History of Norse and English cultures and whom work well in a team, who can lead but also knows how to follow.

We are also looking for people whom have experience with Roleplaying.

If your interested respond here using this template.

Name of Character's First name:
Name of Character's Dynasty (Surname):
Gender of Character:
Name of Player:
Experience in roleplaying:
Experience in trading:
Experience in fighting:
Experience in gaming:
What life Skill you have (I.E Trade):
Age: (There's a minimum age)
Knowledge of the targeted culture?:
What role are you looking for?:
What can I contribute to the community and People (At least 150 words):

#2 RE: Application form Template by King Zultra I 25.04.2013 18:01


A good naming guide.


#3 RE: Application form Template by King Zultra I 26.05.2013 11:38


Once you've become a member, get the [ZM] badge from the awards page, put it under the character info.

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